4 Restaurants with Amazing Wing Nights in Edmonton

Because chicken wings are serious business


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When I’m trying to find the absolute best deal on chicken wings in Edmonton, I always start to feel like a mathematician. Some places charge by the wing, some by the pound. Some say they’re charging by the pound, but really just always give you ten wings, which could be a good deal or a bad deal, depending on the size of the wings. Some places seem to offer great deals, but then have stipulations about how many wings you can order, or make you buy a certain amount of drinks. Anyway, as far as I can tell, these are some of the best wing night deals Edmonton has to offer. 

Duggan's Boundary Pub - 9013- 88 Avenue

Duggan’s has delicious tasting wings, which is a big time bonus, because often cheap wings are small and crappy. They’ve got a crazy amount of flavours, and on Tuesdays, wings are $0.35 if you order 10 of them.

The Underground Tap and Grill - 10004 Jasper Avenue

The Underground has half price wings every Wednesday, charging only $5 for a plate of indeterminate quantity. 

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On the Rocks - 11740 Jasper Ave NW

One great reason to go to On the Rocks is that they have one dollar tacos on Tuesday. Even better than that, though, is that they’ve got 25 cent wings on Wednesdays. Twenty wings for $5! Forty wings for $10!

Funky Buddha - 10341- 82 Ave NW

Since we’ve covered Tuesdays and Wednesdays, let’s talk Thursday. Funky Buddha has some really tasty wings for only 25 cents each on Thursday night. Thursday night is also music bingo night, so if bingo is your game, you’re in for a double treat. 

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