4 Amazing Edmonton Sushi Restaurants

There’s no shortage of great spots to choose from


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People are always saying that you shouldn’t eat sushi in a place that’s landlocked. And while it’s probably true that you can’t expect the same quality of sushi in Edmonton that you’d get in some place like Vancouver, there are a ton of sushi restaurants in Edmonton that are serving up some really great rolls. Here are four for you to check out. 

Sushi Wasabi - 5714- 111 Street

If you’re going to call your restaurant “wasabi” you’re probably pretty confident that you’re offering top notch wasabi. That’s the case here, as they’re definitely selling the real deal and not any of that phoney horseradish stuff. Sushi Wasabi is generally considered to be the best sushi restaurant in Edmonton, and for good reason. 

Yokozuna - 4121- 106 Street NW

Yokozuna gives Wasabi’s sushi a run for its money, offering up high quality, fresh rolls in a beautiful restaurant with a sophisticated, soothing ambience. 

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Mikado - 9942- 170 Street NW

Mikado has a menu full of unique classics that never seem to disappoint. Their bentos are good, as is their clam miso soup, but their rolls are the real standout here.

Kabuki - 8724- 109 Street

Kabuki has a pretty extensive menu and the sashimi is always fresh, although the services can be a little slower than other places. They’ve also got that novelty Japanese soda with the little ball you press to break the seal and open the drink. You know what I’m talking about? I love that stuff. 

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