Try These 3 Tasty Indian Restaurants in Edmonton

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Since Indian food often contains such complex, intricate combinations of spices and flavours, talking about which Indian restaurants have the best food is a pretty subjective matter that can spur endless debate. Some people live for the spice, while others can’t handle it and find it ruins their dining experience. At Edmonton’s best Indian restaurants, there’s something on the menu for everyone. 

Zaika Bistro - 2303 Ellwood Drive SW

Seeing the name “bistro” in the title of an Indian restaurant seems a little strange, doesn’t it? However, Zaika has a great buffet with a range of flavourful dishes that never seem to run out. The lunch buffet is a great deal, at only around $15. 

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Guru - 17021- 100 Avenue

Guru, unlike many places in Edmonton, does not have a buffet, but the food is very high quality, which leads to it consistently being considered one of the top Indian restaurants in Edmonton. Their butter chicken is fantastic, as well as the vindaloo and the cauliflower 65. 

Narayanni’s - 10131-81 Avenue NW

Narayanni’s, another buffet-style place, has a comfortable mom-and-pop style vibe, serving up some absolutely delicious curry with a South African twist. Be sure to check out their lunch buffet, where you can chose from a variety of dishes at a low price of only $12. 



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