3 Edmonton Bars and Clubs to Grab a Drink on a Sunday

Sunday Funday!


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Sunday has historically been a kind of day of rest, but over recent years the Sunday Funday trend has truly taken off, to the point now where lots of bars are open pretty late on Sundays and offer great drink specials. Here are 3 Edmonton bars where you can get your drink on this Sunday.

Beercade - 10544- 82 Avenue NW

Beercade is open until 2am every Sunday night, which is kind of rare and amazing. They opened fairly recently, and they’ve got craft beer, like 100 arcade games, and great food. Literally what more could one want?

The Empress Ale House - 9912- 82 Avenue NW

The Empress is also open until 2 in the morning on Sundays, and it is a bar with a comfortable, homey vibe, friendly service, and some great music. 

On the Rocks - 11740 Jasper Ave

On the Rocks is a large, contemporary bar and on Sundays they’ve got tall boys of PBR for only $4, and shots of Jager for $4 too! Like the other two places on this list, they’re open until 2 in the morning on Sundays too. 

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